Brighten Up Your Style Routine with NEON

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This great line of NEON is made just for you! Six products that create the look you want. These products are all about style, fun and so much more.

Gimme Sugar

There’s a reason Neon products have yummy names like “Sugar Cleanse” and “Sugar Twist”—they’re all infused with natural sugar. Whether it’s the sweet secret ingredient or the ever-so-slightly candy-like scent, using Neon products feels like a treat—one that won’t give you a toothache. (Fun fact: when it comes to putting it on your hair, sugar is actually good for you!)


Words to Style By

“Style isn’t about being cookie-cutter and feeling like you have to follow a certain trend,” says brand manager Inger Berg. “It’s being free to explore, get creative and have fun. And that’s what Neon is all about.”

Show Us The Love

Neon is using social media to spotlight cool organizations that help teens fight bullying. Share your story @capellirochester or on FB @ Capelli – A Paul Mitchell Focus Salon

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