It’s pony tail time!

Low pony…High pony…Messy…Smooth…It’s all about the pony tails!

Some days we need that quick “get me out the door” style. Pony tails don’t have to be worn only to the gym ladies!Spice up your normal pony by curling your hair before and giving your tail a little texture…OR…smooth out your hair and deep side part and place your pony low for a polished finish. Keep your bangs out, rock your center part or tease it all back and take it away from your face. Whatever you feel most comfortable with..DO IT!

Add ribbon to the band, wrap your hair around the hair tie or throw on a head band…having your hair pulled back also gives you the perfect opportunity to wear some fun spring colored earrings or statement necklaces!

What’s your spring pony style is?!

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